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In 2018, being in the Music Business requires the proper Marketing Strategy. Good thing that’s what we do best!

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Let's take YOU to the TOP!


Music Business Marketing Strategist

Tony Vitti worked as Advisor and as part as the Social Media teams at different poles of Universal Music and SONY BMG. Tony is creating daily YouTube videos, podcasts and articles on Medium as well as tips on different social media platforms.

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What we do

How we get you to the TOP

Digital Health Check

We’ll start with your presence on search engines, looking at where your fans (and potential fans) are being directed when they search online. We’ll assess how you can affect those search results, as well as optimizing your website, social media, third-party and digital-retail profiles to maximum effect.We’ll then comb your social media and web presence and identify which areas need some optimisation. Our team will report back with recommendations to help you interact with fans more easily, while giving the maximum exposure to the content you want to promote.

How we get you to the TOP

Digital Advertising

We can run bespoke digital advertising campaigns, primarily across Google, YouTube and Facebook / Instagram. From promoting content or setting up and targeting audiences to serving a retargeting pool, we can ensure your content is promoted to the right audience, and help you communicate effectively to your fanbase.

How we get you to the TOP

Digital Marketing Plans

We write marketing plans, with a focus on digital, for a variety of artist and label needs. Those include releases, such as singles, EP’s, and albums, as well as tours, films and other activities you need a campaign around. We’ll help you plan:Release setup, Social media & audience insights, Timelines, Creative ideas, and Digital advertising.

How we get you to the TOP

They’re going To The Top!

Join the elite of satisfied Music Artists using our services globally.

Tony is easily the best music marketer I have come across on the Internet. His tips are not only very informative, they are also easy to implement because he understands that not all independent musicians have an enormous budget! Also love the fact that his content is easily accessible everywhere. Awesome stuff!


This book lays out the 2018 music business game in layman’s terms for anyone to understand. It’s full of strategies and insights on those strategies on how an artist in today’s climate can build a fan base. Simple put, well done!

Frida Vamos
Frida Vamos

A 21 Day Music Release Marketing Strategy

A 21 Day Music Release Marketing Strategy

In order to make it even simpler for you, Tony Vitti released an entire book about the current state of the Music Business and a whole 21 day program to help you crush it on Social Media with your Music! (Comes free with all our packages)

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A package for everyone

You could be looking for answers to your questions or a entire Marketing Strategy, we have you covered!

Advisory Consultation

$ 125 /hour

Have a phone call directly with Tony Vitti, CEO of VITTIMEDIA and Music Business Marketing Strategist to answer all your questions.

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$ 250

With this package, let’s audit your entire Online Presence and come up with a real plan for you to crush it with your Music on all Social Media.

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artist development

$ 2,500 /month

Let’s get you to the top with a tailored experience provided by VITTIMEDIA A full artist development marketing strategy wit hourly support.

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